Unexpected rain

According to the news on Wednesday, it wasn’t supposed to rain until the beginning of this week. It rained three times in the region, twice in my area, and two of the rainstorms (one at my house) were pretty freaking heavy. So I didn’t have to water the plants yesterday (although I watered them prior to the downpour on Friday, unknowingly). Today is hot and the ground is getting drier, so I get to water them and do the MiracleGro spraying I was originally planning for yesterday.

The rain seemed to promote some major growth in everything except the cucumbers. The vines are located in an area that flooded a little during the heaviest storm and they appear to have wilted a bit. I’m hoping they’ll recover.

The herbs are continuing to do the same. Oregano is struggling, parsley is improving, and basil is flourishing like nobody’s business.

I’ve seen two non-cherry tomato plants showing fruit: one Early Girl and the Big Beef. The cherry tomatoes are continuing to grow and ripen. I’ve gotten a total of 6 cherry tomatoes so far, all off of the Husky Cherry Red plants, though the Black Cherry is showing multiple fruits.

The hot peppers haven’t changed much. Peppers growing on both jalapenos and the habaneros are continuing to bush out.

The bell peppers are unchanged. Just one major pepper showing, but flowers on most of them.

Finally, the Crookneck Squash is growing well, but the zucchini is not only up to palm-sized leaves, but is showing /4/ blossoms! Squee!


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