The slow period

I hate the slow period between the excitement of planting and the excitement of harvesting. But it’s a fact of life.

Haven’t had much to update and I’ve been busy, but there have been enough small things to warrant an omnibus post.

Corn is continuing to sprout. Average stalk is about 3-3.5 inches tall, now. Need to start pulling duplicates in the same hole, soon. May try to transplant them.

No obvious changes on the watermelons. The leaves are continuing to grow and I’m seeing the crystalline-looking, spiky growth along the vines that I think indicates that it’s pollinated so I’m not worried. Just impatient.

The squash and zucchini are both looking more lush, but no blossoms as of yet.

The cucumbers continue to get bigger. One set has blossoms, the other has little tendrils. Looks like the partial shade isn’t a problem.

The jalapenos are blossoming and I think I see the start of a couple of itty-bitty peppers on one of them. The habaneros  aren’t doing much, but one is getting bushier.

Lots of bell peppers are showing blossoms and a couple (including the Big Bertha) have tiny peppers showing.

With the tomatoes, there are still a very that are under-performing (like Mr. Stripy), but most of those without blossoms are showing the same sort of crystalline spikiness along their stems that the watermelons are, so I have hopes. The Black Cherry is showing 3 or 4 fruits, now, and all of the Husky Cherry Red are showing more fruit (though they all started with some at planting). And one of the tomatoes was ripe today! Another is close, but one was ripe enough to pick. Leigh and I split it. Was very yummy.

The guardian frogs are hopping around in force. They seem to like the shower setting on the hose.

Anyway…that’s enough for tonight.


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