Continued growth

Adding a quick update, mostly to keep myself in the habit of doing so. But there is a little news.

I’ve been watering every day (despite getting eaten alive by mosquitoes…) and discovered what this year’s garden protectors are. Last year, it was praying mantises. This year…frogs. I keep watering them by accident, which they seem to be annoyed by. However, I’ve seen them in both the big plot and the small one next to the house.

The plants seem to be doing well so far. Most of the tomatoes have started to flower/flower more and a few have begun showing the first signs of fruiting (except for the Husky Cherry Reds, which were fruiting before they were even in the ground). A couple are still lagging behind, but I’m giving them encouragement as I water them. And if they don’t turn it around, their cousins will.

The watermelons seem to have strengthened. Not seeing much in the way of vine growth lengthwise as of yet, but the vines seem to be a little fuller and they are definitely well rooted.

The Crookneck Squash and Zucchini Squash have both perked up and are definitely showing signs of growth. I’m hoping for some blossoms, soon.

All of the peppers are doing well. One of the Habaneros is shooting up. Both Mammoth jalapenos are starting to flower. And many of the bell varieties are flowering, too.

One of the cucumber plants has shown the most astounding growth. It’s flowering a lot (had 1 this morning, then 3 this afternoon) and is getting significantly longer. I was a little concerned since they’re in a shadier area, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering them.

Finally, the corn. I uncovered one of the seeds the other day while watering and saw that it had definitely germinated and its main root was growing, but there hadn’t been any sprouting through the soil. Until this afternoon. While watering this afternoon, I saw about a dozen spouts. Squee!

Now I’ve just got to decide if I want to feed them again this weekend or wait for next weekend. Until then, signing off.


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