Mid-day update

Leigh and the boys have gone to visit her brother and his little girl, giving me some time to go hard at finishing the planting in peace. It’s been a little bumpy, though.

The main issue I’ve run into was poor planning in selecting my plot location. About 40% of it is simply not going to get enough light due to tree branches that are much too high up for me to do anything about. So I’ve had to improvise.

First of all, there are going to be a few more plants given away.

Second, I’m moving the hot peppers to the small, bricked in plot near the house, where I had the Sweet Million last year.

Finally, I’m being a lot more discriminating in which plants I’m using. There are some that are of questionable viability, so they’re getting dumped.

On the bright side, I found a zucchini squash plant I’d forgotten I’d grabbed and got a set of crookneck squash and a multitude of bell peppers planted. Now it’s time to shower, do some stuff around the house, then go back out later to try and finish up.


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