Lots of newness

It’s been a busy few days.

I grabbed some more plants at the local Bonnie nursery. I’ll be giving a few to my brother-in-law and my kids’ care provider, but only a few of the duplicates. I’ll be posting an updated plant list tonight or tomorrow.

Per an agreement with my wife, I went out and picked out my Fathers’ Day gifts from the boys a little early so that I could get some stuff for planting. I ended up with a new hose, bag of top soil, and plant food on Sunday (picked up by Leigh and Connor). Then today, I grabbed 25 extra tomato cages (to go with the 6 I got last year), a hose attachment for the plant food, and a few extra plants (the only ones I paid for).

When I got home from Lowe’s, I got the first four plants (2 Husky Cherry Reds plus the Black Cherry and Mr. Stripey I got today) into the ground. I should have everything planted by the end of Sunday.

Anyway…classes start officially tomorrow, so we’ll see how regularly I’m able to post. I’m guessing about once a week, but only time will tell. Also, pictures soon.


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