Pre-planting madness

I had originally intended to get plants in the ground this weekend. However, there were some complications that prevented that. But progress has been made.

One of the few nice things about living in BFE, rural NC is that Bonnie Plants has a series of greenhouses a few miles away. It’s a little late to start planting, so a lot of their plants are scheduled for the dumpster. Which means that if you ask nicely, you can often walk away with free plants. I’ll be posting the list of plants that I picked up later, but the short version is that I have 11 varieties of tomatoes, a bunch of bell peppers, squash, some hot peppers, and more. I also got some Silver Queen corn seed from my brother-in-law.


The garden has now been mapped out based on the amount of room needed by the various plants. This way, everything that needs room (like the watermelon vines) will have that room without encroaching on other plants. Plus, I’ll have enough room to walk between plants for harvesting.


The other thing I got accomplished was handling the major item that was preventing me from planting. I may have tilled the ground up, but I didn’t do enough to get rid of all of the grass, so I needed to spray it. I’ll give it a few days for the grass to die, then start the planting process for real.


In other news, I got an early Fathers’ Day gift in the form of an extra hose (our old one wouldn’t reach the new plot), a bag of top soil (to mix in at the planting sites), and some plant food. I still need to pick up a hose sprayer for the plant food and a bunch of tomato cages, but I’m getting close.


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