Long overdue update

Been busy as all get-out between work, school, and an active toddler so I haven’t posted any updates recently. Not that anyone but me really cares, but this blog is primarily for me to keep track of things with, so I don’t see why anyone else should really care, anyway.

Regardless, the garden has been doing well. I’ve taken a few pictures that I don’t feel like loading on to the computer and uploading to the blog just yet, so those will have to wait. However, everything has been going splendidly. All of the plants have fruited at least a little.

I’ve gotten an early tomato off of the Early Girl and just picked one bigger than my fist from one of the Better Boys. The cherry tomato has been slowly restocking itself with no new ripe ones as of yet. The Sweet Million has been producing heavily, as my friend Lori told me it would. The Celebrity has another tomato almost ready to be picked. The cucumbers have both been producing regularly.

Both of the heirloom plants have had fruits ripening, but all of them have been getting nasty spots that I suspect are due to bugs. I’m still trying though, and I have faith that I’ll get something off of them before the end of the season.

The pepper plants have been the real stars of the show, so far. Especially the Thai hot pepper plant, which has dozens of peppers in various stages of ripeness. I’ve fire-roasted one of the hot banana peppers for a burger topping (full of win) and used a mix of the others in a chili I made the other day. Even the green peppers have started coming back and I have three or four that will be ready to harvest soon.

Finally, the watermelon has two little melons growing. It had three, but one of them was blackening. Fortunately the biggest one (about half the size of my fist) is still viable and looking strong. When it’s ready, I want to cover it with ice before taking it off of the vine so that I can slice it up at its very freshest and still have it cold.

Anyway, pictures soon-ish.


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