Fathers’ Day

First of all, to any other fathers reading this, I hope you had a happy Fathers’ Day.

My Fathers’ Day started out great and got better when I got a gift from my wife and son. Well, mostly my wife since my son is only 21 months old. But still…it was six tomato cages and a couple of sprayers for our hose.

I got another tomato plant in the ground on the side of the house, bringing the total in the ground up to two tomatoes and a watermelon. Both of the tomatoes in the ground are caged. I also put a cage around the German Queen, though I inadvertently tore off one of its larger, unripe fruits. But, c’est la vie.

I harvested another cucumber, another Sweet Million cherry tomato, and the first of the hot banana peppers. And I watered twice, playing around with the shower setting on one of the hose attachments. But it made watering so much easier.

Anyway, hopefully getting more in the ground tomorrow, since I’m off. And maybe getting some pictures if I have time.


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