Update in passing

I’ve been slammed with school work, so haven’t been able to post, but wanted to give a quick update. Everything is still going well. Still getting occasional cherry tomato, but nothing really big as of yet. There’s some definite growth in some of the other tomatoes and the cucumbers, but they’re far from ready. There is one bell pepper and a banana pepper that are getting closer to ripeness. But the really stellar performer is the Fresno pepper plant. I’ve already picked two more peppers and there are close to a dozen more that will be ready soon. I think the resident praying mantis has been a good luck charm. The Thai hot pepper plant has also sprung forth with a couple of dozen fruits, but they aren’t nearly ready yet. I did pick one and tried it and they are really bloody hot. They have a slight numbing effect, like Szechuan hot peppers, but just one of them in my Nong Shim noodles was enough to really kick up the heat. I think they’ll be good in chili or in a homemade hot sauce.


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