Update 6/11

Due to one of Leigh’s best friends having a birthday party last night, I didn’t get home until it was too late to water the plants. However, Leigh got them this morning and I got them again when I got home tonight. I think the perseverance has been paying off, because the growth has really been ramping up.

I’ve gotten four more cherry tomatoes off of the bush, bringing the total yield up to 22. Additionally, the Sweet Million had two more ready to be picked tomatoes, bringing that yield up to 3. Also, the first one had turned a pretty red, so I ate it. Nice and sweet with a slightly tart finish.

The watermelon has started growing. No fruits yet, but the plant has doubled or tripleds in diameter over the past few days.

The cucumbers have started showing itty-bitty fruits. I’m going to get pictures of them in the next few days. They’re adorable.

The Thai hot pepper and the Fresno pepper are both bursting with fruits. They should be ready for an initial harvesting very soon. And both the hot banana and jalapeno plants have started showing fruits. Plus the bell pepper is up to two fruits showing.

All but one or two of the tomato plants are showing at least some fruits. The most improved has been the Brandywine. The German Queen still has more fruits, but the Brandywine’s two fruits are getting to baby fist size.

I’m off tomorrow, but I’m going to be too busy with school work to get any replanting done. Hopefully I’ll have the time on Wednesday to get some of the plants in the ground.

More updates tomorrow!


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