Puttering around on my day off

I had originally planned to do some replanting of some of the tomato plants today, but it’s too damn hot outside, especially considering how hard the soil is. For right now, the plants all have pots big enough to grow in, but some of the bigger plants will need to be transplanted eventually.

Fruits are continuing to appear. The German Queen is up to three. The Roma has three or four. The bell pepper has its first tiny fruit. None of the newer tomato plants have fruit yet (except the Celebrity, which already had one) and the Brandywine is still fruit-less, but everything has at least blossomed. Both the Thai hot pepper and the Fresno have numerous tiny fruits that should start ripening soon.

Yield is up to 18 cherry tomatoes and one Fresno pepper, though I suspect I took the pepper before full ripeness.

I also got a small herb garden terrarium for free through a program my union at work has. Probably going to get that started today, although I think I’m going to switch some of the herbs out for seeds I have here. I don’t have a whole lot of use for sage, but some fresh oregano or mint would be nice.


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