Replanting completed and pictures galore

I didn’t get as much done today as I had hoped, but I did manage to get all of the remaining plants into actual pots instead of the peat pots that they had been in.

I got two more cherry tomatoes (bringing the total yield to 12) and the first of the Fresno peppers. Plus I saw the first fruit appear on the German Queen, which I’m excited about. And there was a small praying mantis on of the Fresno’s leaves today. I did my best not to disturb it when I picked the pepper off.

And now, the pictures that I had promised:

The watermelon and Celebrity tomato that are already in the ground

The potted plants between the shed and the greenhouse

The cucumbers and some other plants

The Fresno pepper with two of its fruits

The cherry tomato plant with some nearly ripe fruits

The Roma tomato plant with two fruits

A close up of some of the Sweet Million's unripe fruits

Itty-bitty fruit on the Thai hot pepper

The German Queen's first tiny fruit


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